Will I scratch my nose and buy something at an auction?

NO! Never. This is one of the most frustrating “sitcom” misconceptions about auctions. I hate to think how many people do not attend auction for fear of buying something “by accident”. Auctioneers are trained to tell the difference between a scratch on the nose or a wave across the room and a legitimate bid. Even if the auctioneer mistakes a scratch on the nose for bid on something, the common response from the Non bidding buyer is simply “I didn’t bid on that…” The auctioneer simply apologizes and reauctions the item. No harm done.

When are Uniques and Antiques auctions?

We hold our auctions on Tuesdays. Usually every other Tuesday, with special auctions added in the “between” week.

What is the order of sale?

Typically we begin the auction with household items, box lots and collectibles. Later on (Usually 5pm) a second auctioneers starts the showcases containing Jewelry, Coins, Collectibles and curios. Later still (Around 6:30pm) a third auctioneer begins selling furniture.

How do I register to bid at Uniques and Antiques?

Present a photo identification to the cashier to be issued a bidder number. Some auctions, like real estate auctions have special rulles and may require a deposit to receive a bidder number.

Does Uniques and Antiques accept absentee bids?


When do I have to have my items removed from Uniques and Antiques after an auction?

We allow for two days after an auction to remove your items. It is important to remember however that once the item is struck down to you on the auction night, it is yours to keep. If something happens to it before it is removed from the premises, it is at your risk.

Does Uniques and Antiques accept consignments?

Yes, we accept consignments of saleable merchandise. A single item to an entire estate. Contact us if you’d like to consign. It’s easy!

What are the consignment rates?

We use a floating scale, with high dollar items paying a lower percentage. See our rates.

When are payments for consignments available?

For our regular auctions, consignment checks are available the Monday following an auction. This time frame is extended for our Decorative Arts Auctions in Order to allow for proper collection and clearance of the funds and can be as much as 30 days.

What are Uniques and Antiques hours of operation?

We are open Monday through Friday from 10am – 5pm. On auction days, preview begins at 10 am and we close the doors after all of the items are sold, usually around 10pm.

Does Uniques and Antiques pick up consignments?

Yes, We do pick up consignments, but there is a charge involved, please contact us for more information.

When is the website updated?

Usually the weekend before an auction, but surely the night before, all pictures will be updated. Please remember that the while the website is great for an overview, sometimes the best items never get pictured, because they arrive too late or we simply did not recognize that rare 1910 oil can under a table…. It’s best to preview in person.

Where are Uniques and Antiques auctions advertised?

We advertise on the internet, with hundreds of photos for every auction, Antique & Auction News, Antiques and the Arts Weekly, West Chester Daily Local News (Thursday). Delaware County Daily Times, we send out an email reminder before each auction. Join List.

Does Uniques and Antiques Auction Real Estate?

Yes, Real estate at auctions has special advantages to sellers and buyers.

Does Uniques and Antiques auction automobiles?

Yes, occasionally we get automobiles from estates and consigners.

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